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Why Book With Calm Haven

Being a flagship conglomerate that envisions to revolutionise the travel industry in Sri Lanka, Team Srilankan Round Tours has conceptualised and masterfully crafted some of the best hotel in Sri Lanka Galle Area(Unawatuna). The name “Calm Haven” signifies, that you can feel pleasantly free from wind and a mesmerizing outlook, we at Hotel Calm Haven let our guests experience the pinnacle of luxurious living! Driven by hospitable and highly talented individuals, we strive to offer you a competitive and best in class service at our Hotel located amidst varied and iconic settings around the island!

Why We Are So Special


Flavors  From Heaven

Epicurean fantasies orchestrated for absolute indulgence where heaven and earth meet to fulfill high gourmet desires - under the stars, or in your own private space. You can select any flavor from our menu - we can prepare it tasty.


What They Said

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